Yesenia Gonzalez

Administrative Assistant

Yesenia Suzette Gonzalez is a first-generation college graduate who earned her Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies from Arizona State University in December 2023. Her educational journey began with a focus on Vocal Music Education at UNLV. Over time, she discovered her passion for teaching, leading her to an inspiring experience instructing fourth grade students. Deciding to pursue teaching abroad in the future, Yesenia worked at Starbucks, where she received a scholarship from ASU to complete her degree.

With over 8 years of customer service experience, Yesenia started as a sales associate in various retail industries, gradually advancing to management positions. She also gained valuable customer connection skills through work in different restaurants. Currently, she serves as a first-time Administrative Assistant at Select Wealth Advisers, finding fulfillment in her role.

Yesenia believes in the power of spreading kindness, creating enjoyable experiences, and embracing a positive attitude. Working at SWA has allowed her to step out of her comfort zone, learning new things and contributing to an incredible team. She expresses happiness and pride in being part of her first financial experience and hopes to continue growing within the company while expanding her knowledge in the field.

Outside of work, Yesenia finds joy in reading, working out, attending concerts, learning Japanese, spending time with family and friends, and engaging in singing and dancing. During the summer and fall, she cherishes trips to Mexico with her parents and sister. Eager to explore more, her top five travel destinations include Japan, Korea, Ireland, Australia, and Canada. Yesenia shares her home with three beautiful cats named Pebbles, Lola, and Junie, and she strives to embrace life through fun adventures and enriching experiences.