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The essence of our investment philosophy, developed after much research and many years of experience, centers on the understanding that the stock market moves in cycles generally referred to as Bull (upward movement) and Bear (downward movement) markets. We refer to long-term (years to decades) market cycles as secular bull or bear markets. Within secular bull or bear markets are short-term (months to years) or cyclical bull and bear markets. And within cyclical bull and bear markets are intermediate trends that can move in either direction.

Market movements are driven by the demand for and supply of stocks. If demand is greater than supply, the market trends upward. Conversely, if supply exceeds demand, then markets will fall.

In addition to understanding stock market cycles, attention must be paid to the valuation of investment. Essentially, valuation represents the relationship between the market price of an investment and the earnings and cash flow expected from the security.

Determining when to purchase and sell investments considering the principles of market cycles and valuation becomes crucial to successful investing.



Comprehensive Financial Planning

  • Retirement and Income Planning
  • Estate Planning Fundamentals
  • Life/Disability Insurance
  • Gift Planning
  • Tax Efficient Investing
  • Executive Advisory Services
  • Stock Option Planning
  • 401k Implementation & Management
  • Education Funding
  • Charitable Planning

Portfolio Management

  • Individually-designed asset-allocation strategies
  • Institutional quality investments with no sales commissions and low expenses
  • Diversified mix of actively and passively managed mutual funds
  • Rigorous money-manager selection to maximize risk-adjusted returns and minimize fees
  • Bond portfolios structured for individual tax and cash-flow requirements
  • Customized alternative investment strategies
  • Customized strategies for low-basic stock holdings
  • Portfolio performance reporting specific to each individual client's objectives