Mikayla Davis Marketing/Administrative Intern 


Mikayla is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Science in Marketing at the Haslam College of Business, University of Tennessee, Knoxville. As a dedicated and proactive student, Mikayla is deeply engaged in various aspects of campus life. She serves as a DJ for WUTK Radio, where she hones her communication and public speaking skills. Additionally, she takes on the role of a peer mentor, providing guidance and support to fellow students, and holds a recruitment position in her sorority, demonstrating her leadership and organizational abilities.

Her academic and extracurricular involvement underscores her strong interest in digital marketing. As a marketing intern, Mikayla is passionate about understanding the latest trends and strategies in this dynamic field and eagerly applies her classroom knowledge to real-world scenarios. She is enthusiastic about leveraging her education and experiences to make a significant impact in her current role and contribute meaningfully to her organization's marketing efforts.